"I had no idea how much I was going to FEEL during this workshop! I came there just hoping to learn something, and not only did I learn about my camera, shooting, and editing but I felt more emotions than I have ever felt during my photography journey! I guess I never took the time to realize the stories and emotions that go behind these photos! Not only of the people in them but the person behind the camera as well. Each photo is so much more than a single moment, it tells a complete story and I know now how to see that. It is honestly so refreshing and motivating! After a busy fall last year I was feeling so mundane and ordinary behind the camera. I questioned weather or not I was really good enough to do this. I knew I wanted to stand out and not just be another photographer but someone who can capture something most wouldn’t see. After this workshop I have my drive back. I feel as though my creativity is sparked and I even have more confidence, which is something I definitely struggle with. Thank you both for not only being teachers but investing your whole and honest selves into this and into each one of us as attendees. I am forever thankful!"

-Nikki Scribner, Yin + Yang Advanced Workshop, February 2017


"I am a teacher turned nurse turned mom turned photographer.  Sometimes I am all of these at once. This past year has challenged me to my core leaving me perplexed, confused, broke....... LOST. When I was generously gifted a seat in Ace and Coleen's Yin and Yang workshop, it felt like a door was opening for me. If I did not commit to doing something with this opportunity I would be wasting it and even more undeserving than I already felt. This is the moment my photography business was born. The workshop was amazing. I learned so much about being an artist, business woman, and collaborator . Our day was jam packed and left me inspired and motivated. We ate, laughed, cried, and took a lot of photos.  It was the most fun I've had in a long time. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it."

-Laura Gentry, Yin + Yang Beginner Workshop, February 2017 & Yin +Yang Flagstaff Workshop + Retreat, June 2017


"Over the last year, I have really grown to value the importance of community within the world of photography. I have developed new friendships with creatives all over the world. It is so important to me to be inspiring to others. My photography means more to me than pleasing my clients - I want it to make people feel something. And who better understands that desire than other photographers? This is what I believe is the best part about Ace + Coleen's Workshop. Yes, we learn all the technical details that go into a good edit. We learn about lighting and posing and all that, but the more important part of these workshops is the connections they create. Ace and Coleen are some of the best teachers I've ever had. Before this workshop, I wasn't sure where I stood with my work. After one day of being in a room with Ace, Coleen, and a dozen other creatives - I have the confidence in myself to keep moving forward with my passion. My photography business means everything to me, and I was terrified to watch it fail, but thanks to Ace + Co, I know that I have a fire in me that I can't let burn out. There's too much beauty in this world for me to give up capturing it. Thanks Ace + Co. You guys have changed my life."

-Shelby Fitzpatrick, Yin + Yang Advanced Workshop Attendee, February 2017 & Yin +Yang Flagstaff Workshop + Retreat, June 2017


"This workshop had so much to offer me. I came to learn about photography, editing and maybe some posing tricks. Boy, you guys went way above and beyond! Not only did I learn all of that but so, so much more. I did not expect to see so many parallels in all of the wonderful artists who came to learn and was wowed by the fact that those parallels also extended to our teachers! So many things in common with that many creative people in a room together... You can almost feel the growth! Such an empowering day! I can already see the difference in the work I produced at the workshop and the stuff I was putting out before. It really was that fast. I don’t think I’ve ever been as motivated. Ace, you are a phenomenal teacher and I have to say your humor plays a huge factor in that. I so enjoy listening to you! I feel so excited about photography and so enthusiastic to try new things. Coleen, You are such an inspiration. You make it easy to see the emotion in the everyday. I can’t wait to try capturing this with my clients. Don’t stop teaching because you’re both the best EVER!"

-Susan Rice, Yin + Yang Advanced Workshop, February 2017


I want to thank you for doing what you do!  I was mainly hoping to get that sense of community over competition by going to the flagstaff workshop and I definitely felt that from the beginning.  I drove up with 2 ladies I had never met and we chatted all the way, we shared a room and drove home together. It was great!  Everyone in the group was so nice and even though we were all in different levels of our journey everyone respected each other and had words of encouragement for each other. I have been a professional photographer for 4 years and still came away learning some stuff! I learned some new Lightroom editing tricks from Ace.  But just to see Ace and Coleen in action helped me. I'm an observer and seeing the interaction between them and the models was helpful. I laughed at Ace and his craziness and adored Coleen and her sweetness. I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone on any level.

-Wendy Nolte, Yin + Yang Flagstaff Workshop + Retreat, June 2017


"Where do I begin? I came in not knowing what to expect. All I knew was that I loved both Ace & Coleen’s work and if I could get even a glimpse of their goodness I wouldn’t have waisted a trip across the country lol! And let me tell you, I was completely blown away by their selflessness and talent. I come from a small town, so for me, it feels more of a competition versus a community in the photographer world (which SUCKS). People may question my integrity for flying across the country but in my mind it was just me stepping out of my comfort zone to show others that WE as creatives can flourish TOGETHER. I left with SOO much fulfillment in my heart that I can’t even find the words to express the way that I feel. I am completely overjoyed! And let me tell you, Ace and Coleen are ONE OF A KIND!!! I will never forget the love and emotions I experienced during this workshop. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" 

-Kiara Harris, Yin + Yang Advanced Workshop Attendee, February 2017

"I remember the very moment when Nikki mentioned to me you were having another workshop. I was elated to hear the news but defeated at the same time. She told me there was two this time...Beginner....&....Advanced (womp wahhh) I immediately told myself you are not advanced material don't even think about it, your not good enough. In that same moment I even questioned if I was good enough for the beginner side of it to. After failed attempts of inquiring about participating, I asked myself is this sign? Is this happening because I'm truly not good enough for either of it. I emailed Coleen and was a nervous wreck stating I wasn't sure where to be placed. She wrote me back answering Advanced. I about fell over and died. Walking into this and hearing everyone's story, fears and concerns and passion they have was far to familiar with my own...yet they are all still chasing and fulfilling that dream. So why aren't I? Photography is something that makes my heart full for so many reasons. That captures a moment, story and memory. Though I never felt like I could be brave or confident enough to take on paying clients. After this workshop I realized I can be that spunky "Ace" posing clients because that's who I am in general. I don't need to lock it up. I can be that "Coleen" and show the raw and real feeling in the photo because that's the emotion in that moment that speaks to me. I can be best of both worlds, but more importantly I can be me. After learning so much on every angle I finally feel like I can come out of my cave of why I can't do this and say "I can do this!" I have more motivation and drive than ever. Even more I HAVE CONFIDENCE. I can't wait to see where I go from here and the growth within my journey. This workshop was everything I needed and more and from the bottom of my heart, I will never be able to say thank you enough Ace & Coleen!"

-Jessica Weisenberger, Yin + Yang Advanced Workshop Attendee, February 2017