He is loud and in your face, she is quiet and an observer. 
She loves being in the outdoors, he loves a good hotel.
He loves junk food, she loves a fresh farmer's market.
She is tiny and small, he is big and tall.
He loves the mornings, and she loves the night.
She is a mom, he thinks he is a dad... to a dog.
He is a Millennial and she is Generation Y.
She likes dark and moody, he loves bright and colorful.

And no matter how different they may be from one another... these two share such a strong passion for photography and a love for sharing that passion with others.



I am a completely self-taught photographer whose passion for photography runs deep. I didn't grow up with a camera in my hand and didn't even really appreciate photography until I was almost 19 years old. In fact, I always imagined one day I would live a life in-front of the camera-- as an actor. And almost as soon as I got behind the camera, I never wanted to be in-front of it again... even now, I hate being in photos. I am eccentric and I talk a lot with my hands-- and believe it or not, at one point I was really tiny. So you can imagine how fun school was for me. I struggled a ton with depression and anxiety throughout my childhood and went through some really dark times. My wife and photography are the two most instrumental pieces of my life that brought me out of that dark place and allowed me to be me, and not only accept myself, but truly love myself. I am a super passionate person and at times, I can be pushy. Pushy about others pursuing their own dreams, pushy about finding real happiness, and pushy about not settling for anything less than you deserve. I am loud and I say the things people think but don't always say out loud and I am wildly inappropriate. And despite the fact my closet is full of Old Navy clearance finds and basketball shorts.. I am in love with fashion and even more, mixing the worlds of fashion and photography together. My goal is to one day shoot a major fashion campaign without sacrificing any part of who I am in the process. But my biggest and the most important goal I have is to always do what I love and never lose sight of my own happiness. 




Hi. I’m Co. I’m a lifestyle photographer living in Arizona with my two little babes, Bria and Declan, who are my breath and truly the reason I’m writing this About Me page today. You see, my creative journey started before I was a mom, but I didn’t know it. I didn’t know it until there were two little lives that I created, and two little worlds to be documented. So, I got busy. I bought my first “big girl” camera, my good ol’ Canon Rebel, and I started practicing. I read every tutorial, blog and e-book I could get my hands on. I was hungry to get better, to be able to capture their beautiful lives in the way that they deserved. And I got better, slowly at first, with some road blocks that I had to find my way around, but which ultimately made me a better artist. The road to success isn't a straight line, right? I can vouch for that. It’s messy and hard and sometimes cruel. But it’s also beautiful and so so very worth the effort. I remember the feeling I had when I opened the box to my very first digital camera. It was like Christmas times a thousand. Little did I know that several years later, I’d be a professional photographer, mentoring other creatives, teaching my own online photography school, running my own photography-based non-profit organization, and teaching alongside the amazing Ace Fanning. Remember, anything is possible. Dreaming + Doing = Success. Let’s get to work.